A responsible consulting firm

Orphoz is continuing on its path towards taking greater account of the social and environmental issues of the world around us, in line with our vision of the consulting and our values. The objective of our Responsible business practices (RBP policy) is to improve our overall impact but also the daily lives of our employees. Our vision revolves around four major themes: people, the planet, our partners and our responsible practices.

  • People: ensuring that everyone develops to guarantee our impact

    • En 2019, several initiatives were taken to improve the quality of life at work and will be continued in 2020: concrete actions on ergonomics, the development of a healthy lifestyle with the "Make it Elsy" initiative on nutrition and sport, training in life-saving gestures and the organisation of the Family Day.
    • 2020 will be a key year for the promotion and democratisation of telework, with the right balance to be found to stay as close as possible to our clients. Consultants will be able to adapt and improve their balance between their professional and personal lives.
  • The planet: become aware and act on our impact

    • In 2019, we have made a strong commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. To achieve this, we have followed the standard steps in a process to reduce our impact, in partnership with GERES, a recognized player in climate solidarity.
    • We are committed to respecting good practices in order to limit our daily plastic consumption and implement recycling actions.
    • Our challenge in 2020 is to continue to act on our environmental impact. To achieve this, we have several initiatives for improvement: continue to reduce and offset our carbon footprint, raise awareness among Orphozians about climate issues, use the "Global Pact" grid and become "Happy Culteur".
  • Our partners: supporting causes we believe in

    • We support several associations, as #leplusimportant and Credit's Mines, which share common values with our firm: pragmatism, adaptation to local specificities, development of human capital, skills and autonomy.
    • For next year, we have decided to renew our commitment to these associations by allocating a budget to support them financially in their projects and help them to develop, as well as by encouraging Orphozians to get involved in exceptional associative adventures to help them enrich their personal development.
  • Our responsible practices: reflecting our beliefs and values through our practices

    • Through our manifesto, we assert our values and convictions to embody a new vision of our business
    • We put our values and skills at the service of our clients, as well as pragmatic operating methods that take into account the realities on the ground while setting ambitious objectives
    • We place great importance on clear ethical standards, putting the client's interest above our own, with the aim of maintaining our independence of mind, and observing strict confidentiality towards our clients to maintain an essential bond of trust
    • Our approach will continue to carry our convictions and values. In 2020, we are committed to developing them on a larger scale in order to continue to support our customers and their transformations towards substantial, lasting and sustainable success, to grow our employees and to generate innovative ideas to constantly reinvent ourselves.
If you want to know more about our actions and commitments, you can download our report here :  LINK