As a consulting firm created by McKinsey&Company, our mission is to carry through challenging operational transformation projects.

A consulting firm with an innovative approach

Orphoz was created to respond to large companies and public entities who need to adapt their operational models to the accelerated changes of their environment, by combining agility, sustainable efficiency and employee engagement.


It’s time to grow together !

With the acceleration of transformation – both more human and more technological, more global, more hurried -, it is time we share a new vision of the job of consultant and we put this vision into practice, for and with our clients, and to live it on a daily basis!

From experience, we know that a successful transformation is the result of a sustainable approach, responsible and respectful of individuals. A sustainable transformation must take into account the diversity and tempo of each organization to act in perfect harmony with it. Otherwise, the magic will not work.

Out of conviction, we assume that what is vital for the new generations is happiness at work but above all, the meaning of work, in which personal commitment can root, and that generates transformation in and around oneself.

Out of pride, we claim the talent of our teams: to solve complex problems, you don’t need just simple consultants!  We select the best potential. Those who share our sense of responsibility, of exemplarity.

Those who nurture our unique know-how on the market: intelligence in action. We take the time to grow their skills, to respect their uniqueness. We take care of those exceptional personalities who will move forward with our clients.

Out of passion, we love this “art of transforming” in a sustainable way, in difficult situations, with high stakes involved. At the heart of change lies the trust of our clients and the trust in our teams.

Through audacity, we constantly experiment and learn. By independence, we never cease to initiate new practices, with a high level of requirement.

Our mission is ambitious. We therefore approach each project with the humility of those who test their ideas each day on the field.

Because it’s time to grow together, we are The Growers !

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