Eléonore Van der Mensbrugghe, Consultant at Orphoz between 2013 and 2016 and today responsible for the strategy of two pediatric vaccines at Sanofi Pasteur

In the nine years of its existence, Orphoz has seen many talents grow. We decided to get in touch with some of them and ask about their new job

  • Can you tell us about your job today?
Within Sanofi Pasteur, I am responsible for the strategy of two pediatric vaccines for low income countries. These vaccines are aimed at babies in their first months of life and protect them against 5 and 6 diseases respectively.
  • How is your typical day?
My typical day consists of meetings with a variety of people:
- Global functions (pricing, market access, public affairs, finance, supply chain, ...)
- Sanofi Pasteur’s managers in the countries that sell vaccines to their health authorities
- Representatives of supra-governmental organizations (WHO, Unicef, GAVI)
It also includes production time to create sales and public affairs materials.  These materials are technical data sheets that make it possible to stand out from the competition by explaining the public health benefits of the two vaccines.
  • What do you like most about your assignments?
The satisfaction of contributing to the improvement of public health in the countries where we sell our vaccines.

At Orphoz, I learned how to better structure my ideas and how to present them clearly.

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