Developing your talents: our priority

Developing your talents comes in several shapes:

  • A clear evaluation process based on merit and on individual performance. Evaluations are held twice a year, in July and in December, and are based on end-of-mission assessments. During each session, you will reflect on your performance for the last six months, your strengths and the improvements you need for your next promotion.
  • A spectrum of training opportunities dedicated to the role of consultant, upon your arrival at Orphoz (integration week), then on every Friday.
  • Permanent coaching from the senior members of the team and from the directors, and regular feedback sessions, so that everyone can share about each’s strengths and improvement needs.

Differents roles

Expectations for each roles are centered around the clients, the team management and the content management.

Pragmatism, empathy, problem-solving and maturity are key skills necessary to perform in each role.

Beyond missions and training sessions, we take fun and well-being very seriously!

  • Fun during key events throughout the year: a conference in July, a Christmas party and team-building activities. Team spirit is paramount to Orphozians, and everyone looks forward to these events!
  • Well-being through several options, like our Friday noon roundtable, a ritual since day 1 of the Orphoz adventure! For an hour, at the office or by conference call, everyone shares their positive and negative point of the week, and their key takeaway. This allows understanding everyone else's mission and providing help if needed!