In Lyon and Paris

We are recruiting in Lyon and Paris, profiles, junior or experienced, coming from different backgrounds and willing to join a young consultancy firm.

We give value to human qualities such as empathy, conviviality, team spirit, pragmatism, and humility, combined with the greatest rigor and highest reliability in the achievement of your studies.

We are looking for fluent speakers and writers in French and English.

Our unicorns should have specific skills:

  • Pragmatism: substantial interest in practical, on-the-ground projects
  • Problem solving skills: rigor and excellent analytical skills and an ability to step back and to find appropriate solutions in complex environments
  • Empathy and relationship capabilities: good listening and communication skills, with powerful convictions
  • Reliability: consultants that clients and coworkers can count on
  • Mobility: looking forward to achieving engagements in France and abroad
  • Team work skills: a spirit of initiative and dynamism, and a respect for coworkers