Our value proposition to ensure the success of your transformation projects

Orphoz integrates the skills, the approach, the corporate culture and the resources that foster the success of complex and challenging transformation projects.

A comprehensive skillset

Operational transformation is a one-of-a-kind sector that requires specific techniques. They are masterly commanded by Orphoz consultants, who often learned them first-hand in previous professional experiences. Whether for strategy implementation, project management (PMO), digital transformation support, work-flow and production management – specifically lean, training or coaching, Orphoz can tailor its services to the clients' needs. But beyond techniques, it also demands to approach organizations holistically, to include both short-term performance and long-term sustainability, and to articulate strategy and implementation.


A flexible approach

Orphoz consultants provide clients with a structure, not a dogma. They appreciate each sector’s unique features, respect the client’s identity and blend in the client’s culture. They like to work on the ground and know how to gain the trust of their audience at any level.

With its entrepreneurial and lightweight structure, while being part of a global business group, Orphoz can adapt rapidly to the pace of its clients transformation programs

A flawless commitment

On top of a rigorous execution, the success of a transformation lies on the mobilization of several stakeholders: executives, operators and partners. Orphoz consultants invest themselves with a communicative energy in each step of the way: listening, supporting, transferring knowledge. Orphoz’s executives are involved in interventions on a daily basis.

The Orphoz guarantee is straightforward: setting everything up to succeed together.


Support from McKinsey’s network

Orphoz has a privileged access to the group’s resources. Depending on the client's needs, hybrid teams can be set up or McKinsey experts can intervene on an ad-hoc basis. Orphoz shares the group’s values, but also, if needed, its tools and knowledge. 

Orphoz is ideally positioned to smoothly implement strategies designed by McKinsey.