As you have seen through this series, there is no silver bullet for Agile project implementation success. The three dimensions – People, Process and Technology – are closely intertwined. Unclear roles and responsibilities will fuel Technical Debt due to unstable requirements. Technical Debt will fuel a lack of trust due to repeated bugs and regression. A lack of trust will result in a lack of sponsorship due to management not seeing business value delivery. We could go on and on with those negative feedback loops for quite a while. This is probably why it is still a challenge to run an Agile project today: it is hard to discriminate the causes from the consequences. When asked to give their main piece of advice for an Agile team to ensure its project success, our respondents gave proposals that ranged from communication, to technical skills, going through product vision. 

That is why our conviction is that you should go all-in and address all those issues simultaneously. Even though they require a very different set of skills from management to engineering or even “office politics”, make sure to address every one of them in a humble, consistent and rigorous way to achieve sustainable impact. 

Find here all the articles from the series:

Introduction on hands-on guide to avoid pitfalls in executing an Agile project

Pitfall #1: Losing faith in the team
Pitfall #2: Confusing agility and disorganization
​Pitfall #3: Hiding yourself in the basement

Pitfall #4: Underestimating planning value
​Pitfall #5: Not getting out of your Agile bubble

Pitfall #6: Being overwhelmed by technical debt
​Pitfall #7: Keeping old ways to test

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    Sept. 21, 2021

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    En déjà dix ans d'existence, Orphoz a vu grandir bon nombre de talents. Nous avons décidé d'aller à leur rencontre et de les interroger sur leur nouveau métier.
    Merci à Claire, ancienne consultante chez Orphoz, qui dévoile les coulisses de son rôle de PMO et consultante interne en industrie.

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