At Orphoz, the word Sustainable rhymes both externally with our clients and internally with our teams

➡ With clients we ensure sustainable impact during the execution of the transformation, by putting people at the heart of change.

Our teams, through the Sustainability tribe, ensure we transition together towards more sustainable practices ✅

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    Abécédaire d'Orphoz
    Avr. 30, 2021

    S as Sustainable


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    Déc. 18, 2020

    The video on Agile implementation pitfalls

    Implementing Agile can prove to be somewhat tricky. At Orphoz, we have investigated pitfalls to avoid on 3 key dimensions: people, process and technology. We have come up with pragmatic practices for you to try with your teams.

    Learn more with this 3-minute video and follow Bob, an IT project leader, on his journey to face Agile implementation challenges on each dimension.


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