12-month mission

Structuring and steering of a digital transformation for a pharmaceutical leader


The company embraced a strategic shift towards a new operating model focused on the patient. Digitalization had been identified as one of the main levers for this strategic shift


Support the executive committee and the project team to structure and deploy 10 agile workstreams

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  • Coordinated Project Managers to ensure simultaneous advancements on all worksites (training on good project management practices, helping in problem solving, coaching teams to become more agile and autonomous)
  • Structured and led central governance (consolidating the executive committee communication, helping to prioritize and take decisions)


  • Implement a coherent set of projects’ routine and follow-up indicators
  • Create synergies between teams (redesigning operating modes of each department, simplifying communication and projects follow-up)
  • Develop digital solutions for doctors and patients in order to improve their experience
  • Design and implement a digital marketing campaign

Value added

  • Ability to structure tailor-made governance for a major transformation
  • Competence in agile methodology to run teams and ensure digital solutions delivery
  • Capacity to make the link between executive committee’s outlook and operational constraints
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