10-month mission

Activity transfer in the banking sector


Buyback of business unit and complete transfer of its activities


Guarantee the continuation of the activity transferred as of Day 1 as well as the optimal integration of the referee teams and define the objective the organization

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  • Map and analyze the defined activity: due diligence on the organization, the trade and the processes
  • Structure a pre-integration PMO in 5 projects : Legal, Financial, Social, Trade, Information System
  • Define the transfer (methodology and transfer plan for the defined activity, participate in three-party discussion with the government, contribute to negotiations for the sales contract and the management agreement, etc.)
  • Active steering of the 5 projects (Legal, Finance, Social, Trade, Information System) during the pre-integration phase between signing and closing


  • 250 integrated employees and 40 new recruits
  • No-gap transfer of the activity

Value added

  • Expertise in fusion/transfer of activities
  • Experience in the banking sector
  • Cross-steering of projects/PMO and risk anticipation
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