12-month mission

Workflow design and deployment of an aeronautics supplier


Non-standardized workflow management principles leading to considerable delivery delays of parts to customers


Help a production unit of 700 employees to improve their keep of delivery deadlines promised to clients

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Project jointly lead by McKinsey and Orphoz

  • Diagnose issues on the 3 workflow dimensions: architecture, planning and execution (McKinsey & Orphoz)
  • Define workflow design on its 3 dimensions (equipment classification and sequence construction, planning tool remediation and operational performance management outline) (Orphoz)
  • Implement a performance review cascade (from operational personnel to site director), troubleshooting (QRQC), workflow standards (FIFO tables and sequential supports) and support the deployment of the new planning organization (coaching of the production management director) (Orphoz)


  • Reduction of stock and production lead time by 35%
  • Restoration of the initial client service level

Value added

  • Expertise in workflow
  • Ground experience
  • Ability to interact with every organization level
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