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Working at Orphoz

Every day, we work with clients and colleagues to deliver some of the most challenging transformations and implementation journeys.


“Usually it’s quite simple to shape a transformation. The difficulty begins when you start executing the implementation.”

- Sébastien Lacroix, Global Leader Orphoz, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company

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Orphoz & McKinsey

As a McKinsey company, Orphoz consultants benefit from our firm’s global network of experts, methodologies, tools and personal development opportunities.

On projects, we may work in close integration with McKinsey teams, either in tandem or sequentially. For example, our consultants often work together with McKinsey Sustainability, who advise clients on identifying what measures need to be taken to say reach net zero, while we help with the implementation in order to unlock their potential and help transform their supply chain or any other areas of their operations. 
Together, we take clients from strategy all the way through to front line implementation. Additionally, we have access to McKinsey research and industry insights to unlock full value for clients.



Your impact

Our people make change for our clients happen, delivering value and impact that lasts. We don’t look for quick-wins but rather sustainable growth, staying until the client sees results.  

Orphoz has helped clients from all industries (financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, airlines, healthcare providers, and many more) innovate and build a better future for their employees, customers and for society at large.  

Whether it’s standing up new businesses, integrating a new company as part of an M&A deal, building new capabilities, or delivering a digital transformation at scale, we help ensure every challenge gets the solution it deserves.

What we look for

We pride ourselves on our people. Our team is growing at a fast pace and looking for implementation, digital and industry experts, program managers, problem solvers, and curious minded individuals. More importantly, we are looking for commitment and rigor to help translate a vision into a roadmap of tangible actions followed by a successful implementation. Change cannot happen overnight, which is why we need hands-on experts who are passionate about long-term execution and who relish daily client contact.

We may face different challenges and opportunities – our clients and teams operate all over the world – but we share a common goal: make sustained change happen, together. 

Our Client Relationships
  • “We are committed to your personal development and maintaining a highly collaborative team ethos to help you grow both professionally and personally, a recipe for a flourishing career within Orphoz.”

    - Christophe François, Leader Orphoz, Europe. Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company